Serdecznie dziekuje za nasza pierwsza wspolna sesje zdjeciowa
Tak szybkiej, a zarazem profesjonalnej roboty dawno nie widzialam. Chetnie skorzystam jeszcze raz i goraco wszystkim polecam uslugi Michala.

Thank you so much for our first photo shot.
I've never see such a fast and at the same time professional service before.
I highly recommend Michal. I will be back!

Iwona Konik

A picture is worth a thousand words, but your pictures leave us speechless! Michael's creativity and timing caught the beauty and essence of our event.
His knowledge of photography and his equipment enabled him to quickly adjust to whatever scenery, lighting, weather, movements or angle he needed to produce "picture perfect" shots.
Michael captured moments that tell the whole story of our wedding! A memory we can now enjoy and relive through his amazing pictures. Thank you!

Katherine Kostro

Michal, I really like our wedding photos. You did a great job! Now, I feel sorry that I didn't want to take more shots. 🙁
For ex. in church or out in the open. Those would have been nice.
Thank You anyway!
I will definitely consider you for our next event! 🙂

Marta Pisarczyk

Michal went above and beyond for my product photography. He was very engaging with the models and organized every shot very well. When it came down to the final product, I didn't feel much editing was needed. Until, he showed me that he could make them look even more amazing! I'm so pleased and proud of the work he's done, we showcase it on our website and all over the internet!

Jeremy G.

Michal deserves a grammy for the work and effort he puts into every shot! His attention to detail is incredible. He was able to show me shots that were just mind-blowing. The shots captured the ferocity and elegance of my car in a every single image. He's a mastermind. Use him!

Mark K.